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Let's Come Together

By Dawud H. Malik

The ole adage about there's only two kinds of power in the world; money power and people power, with the latter being much stronger than the former is true. Across all racial groups, prisoners are drawn from the poorest sectors of society. A warehouse for the "have-nots" where their captors created and designed a diabolical system, which further dehumanizes and reduces their status to non-humans. In spite of the horrendous conditions of prison existence the will to struggle and overcome these adverse, barbaric, oppressive conditions is stronger than not to resist.

Now is the time for all prisoners and their families to unite and organize and meet the challenge and battle these oppressive government forces that are perpetuating the insanity destroying our society. Poverty, homelessness, drugs, racism and other evils that are jailing so many of our young brothers and sisters I'm referring to humanity as a whole, not just to New Africans.

We need to come together and set out a plan of action to make the governmental powers recognize and realize we will not take anymore. That we are aware of the fact that prisons are being built primarily to warehouse people who have no place in the economic order.

"The real roots of crime are associated with a constellation of suffering so hideous that, as a society, we cannot bear to look it in the face. So we hand our causalities over to a system that will keep them from our sight."

David Bazelon, US Federal Judge.

How many families live within a few blocks of each other who have loved ones in prison? Let these families be the nucleus or seed of the beginning chapter of an organization. Map out a plan of action in setting forth a few objectives on how to proceed. As prisoners we have some very constructive ideas that will help and enhance the legitimacy of such a project.

Folks reading this newsletter who are interested in getting together to organize together should write the editors a line to coordinate this. The parole board is giving out more and more time, more prisons are being built and our voice and that of our families aren't being heard. LET'S ORGANIZE!!!

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