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Why Racism?

By Jon George

This is addressed to you in prison, whether you are a white supremacist or a black supremacist, or have any other racist sympathies.

What is racism? Racism is a belief that your own race is superior and that all other races are inferior. Racism means that anyone not of your race is your enemy, is stupid, worthless, subhuman. Conversely, those of your color are therefore your friends, and you have to unite against the lesser races who are out to destroy you. Logically, then, if you are a white Aryan, etc., all other whites are your allies. Similarly, if you are an extreme black Muslim, etc., only those who aren't white are your brothers and everyone else better look out.

Racism as a belief, however, makes absolutely no sense from the prisoners point of view. Racism in the prisons does not help either white or black prisoners. Racism in the prisons accomplishes one thing only. It divides the prison population, making it easier for the guards to control you. Guards love racism! You are so busy fighting each other because of your skin color that your captors/jailers/torturers don't have to worry about you! Racism plays right into the hands of the prisoncrats ruling scum.

Consider this - in today's prisons, white prisoners openly collaborate with the white guards, white officials, with a white system. What the hell for? These people are not your friends, these people are keeping you locked up. It was a "white" justice system that put you in here in the first place. If they are really your white buddies, why don't they set you free? Race is not the dividing line, it's the control of power in society.

Likewise, this collusion forces black prisoners to react, banding together as a race against the whites. Wake up Suckers! There are plenty of black cops who wouldn't think twice about shooting you, plenty of black judges and politicians who want you locked away forever. Are these people your friends? Attitudes, not color, must determine where the line is drawn.

We have to look beyond race. 30 years ago there was a code between convicts - no collaboration. 30 years ago we did not have the kind of prisoner on prisoner violence that we have today. 30 years ago, prisoners of all races were united against The Man, against the System, Against the pigs. That unity has disappeared and we desperately need to get it back. The only alternatives to unity are sucking up to your masters or fighting endless suicidal battles - that's not solution!

If you think blacks are stealing your jobs, think again fool! It's the people in charge of your country who are taking away your jobs, making you poor. They get rich off your labor, and they're laughing all the way to the bank when they see you attack minorities because of your own ignorance. It's the American power system that puts you in prison when you step out of line. You are not fighting a Zionist Occupation Government - that's a myth! What you are up against is people of all colors and faiths who have the same desires: Power, Control, Violence... Recognize your real enemies - the rich, who come in all shapes and sizes but who feed on the blood of the working man.

If you think whites are keeping you down, think again. There are thousands of whites in Amerika who are just a s bad off as you are, and who sympathize with your situation. It's the people in power who keep you down. There is no conspiracy to destroy the black race - it's a conspiracy to destroy the poor of all races, to sacrifice them to profits. Blacks are just the latest in a long line of underclasses trampled by the Amerikan elite. Native Americans, Irish, Chinese, Mexicans, Italians, they all went through the same thing. Its the people who run capitalist Amerika who do the oppressing, whatever their color. It was block paratroopers who put down the Detroit riots in the 60's. It was black cops who moved in to kill Black Panther Fred Hampton.

Look at that black man across from you. That is not a nigger, that is a prisoner.

Look at that white man across from you. That is not a White Devil, that is a prisoner.

You are both in the same boat. You belong together. You should be allies. That guy in the uniform is not a white man. That guy in the uniform is a PIG! He is your enemy. Your brother is in the cell next to you.

You must unite against the power structure, it is the power structure that keeps you down, not the skin of your enemies. It is their goal to divide you, to make you helpless, to make you hate each other.

In the Santa Fe penitentiary riot, over 30 prisoners were killed by other prisoners, and race was a major factor. The riot ended as quickly as it started, it was just a bloody free for all.

In the Attica uprising, all races worked together. Prisoners tasted freedom and cooperation for days, regaining their self-respect and manhood - at the expense of police, not so-called "enemies." The Attica unity forced concessions from the power structure. Solidarity was what kept the so-called riot going. Attica was recaptured by PIGS, not by whites or blacks.

If you are a racist, you may as well strap on a gun and a badge.

If you are a racist, you are a tool of the PIGS.

If all prisoners are your brothers, you are an army of liberation.

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