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Aftermath MANCI Control Unit & Perotti Update

Numerous organizations inquired into the beatings of six prisoners in the AC Control Unit at Mansfield, Ohio prison by 35 guards. The Cleveland ACLU has requested a written explanation and investigation into the matter. A civil rights complaint was filed by a free world citizen with the U.S. Department of Justice charging prisoncrats with violating the prisoners' rights. An investigation is ensuing. We urge citizens to lodge civil rights complaints with the U.S. Department of justice each time prisoners are brutalized by prison guards. In wake of the brutal beating inflicted upon Rodney King by the LAPD, and investigation by the U.S. Department of justice into a pattern and practice of brutality, we must demand the same investigation into the pattern and practice of brutality in our gulags. When a citizen lodges a complaint with the Department of Justice, they are more apt to investigate than when a prisoner does so. Therefore, we urge all families and friends of prisoners to lodge complaints with the Department of justice whenever a prisoners rights are violated.

On March 1,1991, Linda Leisure ended her fast at the urging of John Perotti. On April 19, 1991, two prisoncrats from the Department of Corrections came to Lebanon prison to talk to John Perotti who was still on his hunger strike. Perotti weighed 169 lbs. (down from 234 lbs. on Feb. 14, 1991) at that time and was being transported by wheelchair. The prisoncrats told Perotti department policy, mandated he be force fed, but if Perotti would eat they would honor their previous promise to send him to MANCI prison on Tuesday, April 23,1991. They also allowed Perotti to call his attorney, who will be moving for a preliminary injunction hearing in U.S. District Court requesting Perotti's outright release from AC (isolation). Due to these factors John Perotti broke his hungerstrike and is now in the AC Control Unit at the MANCI prison awaiting a hearing date for the injunction. His new address is: John Perotti, MANCI #167712, P.O. Box 1368, Mansfield, Ohio 44901.

While he is still held in AC he is not isolated on a one man AC tier nor subjected to the high degree of behavior modification techniques used at Lebanon prison. Letters urging that the injunction issue releasing him should be directed to: Judge S. Arthur Spiegel, U.S. District Court, USP & Courthouse Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

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