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Puppets on Strings of Oppression

Puppets On Strings Of Oppression

By Christofer Kneech

All of you came to prison because society did not enjoy your behavior and actions, whether they condemned such actions to be criminal when they may or may have been, but you all have a common relation which is that you are prisoners in confinement, being insulted, beatened, maced, kicked, assaulted and basically oppressed by your hosts: PRISONCRATS.

I would think that a person would truly come to find that such behavior modifying techniques cause pain, both mentally and physically and that they would rather avoid such treatment instead of recommending it.

But it seems this isn't the case, at least not in Ohio prisons. Here, we are "honored" with puppets who aid such inhumane treatment by fighting their fellow comrades, or joining forces with the puppeteers as a Inmate Organized Crime Bureau Investigator (IOCBI) and snitching and bringing the police to your cell. These are the people who try and intimidate fellow comrades by saying such ludicrous statements as "You can't beat the system" or " There's no use in standing up'cause you can't win." This transmissible disease seems to have spread to the vast majority of you and appreciation can only be given to the prisoncrats for their subliminated propaganda that they have placed in your jellied brains to be exercised.

But are you not the same robots who also complain about such treatment? The ones who "wish" they could stop this or, get this privilege back? But then again, we can't win - right? Of course not, because people of your nature help the police keep us oppressed, you play into their hands by fighting and arguing with yourselves that the prisoncrats smile and laugh while you fight yourselves.

Has it ever occurred to you to put aside the medacious propaganda you are led to believe and join together and crush the true disease? Stop being puppets, cut the strings of oppression and fight for your dignity and individuality because if you continue to walk and talk as the puppeteers command you - you can always look forward to the psychological torture and scrambled securities and a 24-hour motel of hell to come back to when society labels you as a risk.

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