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Medical Care Chilling At Purdy

The Clinic had me pretty stressed out the last couple of days. My arm, where the stitches were, are starting to form blisters, and to me that is not normal. My belief is that it should be healing - not blistering and I've never known blistering to be part of the healing process. Anyway, Tuesday night I had staff call the clinic and the clinic's response was that I come up at 4:30 in the morning sick call, and of course I said no - at 4:30 in the morning - all they do is excuse you from programming until someone else can see you. I didn't want an excuse from work - I wanted someone to take a look at my arm! I grieved it that night, but grievances here carry very little weight. Its just something to pacify us and make us think something will change. The next morning I had staff to call again they were too busy - she logged it in - so I put in a medical slip and still no one has taken a look yet - and I'm about ready to act real ugly. My neighbor had a tooth growing under her gums. The dentist did surgery on her mouth - her thinking he only pulled the tooth - nothing more - after a couple of days of excruciating pain and swelling she find's out that the dentist had to break her jaw to get the tooth out didn't wire her mouth or anything - just let her think it was nothing. For me - something has to be seriously wrong for me to even mess with them, and there are only two nurses here that I will even let touch me... The doctor - she's great! But the rest of them - they're just getting paid to sit on the flat side of their bodies and drink coffee.

T.E.L., Purdy, WA

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