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"Rehabilitation" Hoax Unveiled at ISRB Meeting

"Rehabilitation" Hoax Unveiled At ISRB Meeting

By Dan Pens

Any good confidence-artist can tell you that flawless teamwork is needed to pull off a complicated sting. If the players don't keep their stories straight the "marks" might catch 'em in a contradiction and expose them for the liars and cheats they are.

Maybe somebody should share this lesson with the prisoncrats at the Department of Corrections (DOC) headquarters and the Indeterminate Sentence Review Board (ISRB). It would seem that a recent administrative snafu at DOC headquarters has exposed the arbitrary and capricious nature of the "Indiscriminate" Sentencing Review Board's parole release decisions.

The following is quoted from the February 11, 1991 ISRB meeting minutes:

"Regarding civil commitment procedures... The various institutions refer individuals to DOC Headquarters who they think should be referred for civil commitment. In one instance, a case was referred which the Board had approved for parole. There have even been a number of conversations about the issue following that event. It was never intended that the Board be in a position of having DOC 'second guess' or review its parole decisions."

If more "slipups" like this are brought to light, the public might get wise to the hoax being perpetrated by the Board's "rehabilitation" shell game. Incidents like this only prove the highly subjective and arbitrary nature of parole release (and civil commitment) decisions. Inmates and their families have long been aware of the "rehabilitation" hoax. It's high time that the taxpaying public wake up to the fact that while their eyes are being dazzled by the Board's slight of hand, their pockets are being picked for more taxes to keep the game going.

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