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Editorial Comments

By Ed Mead

Paul and I are now in our third year of publishing the Prisoners Legal News . It has been a good experience for both of us, and hopefully for you, too. I know that we have learned a lot in the process of putting the paper out each month. Our primary goals for the last publishing year have been largely met. We wanted to keep our circulation at the previous year's level, while at the same time focusing on getting our tax exempt status, which would qualify the newsletter for a substantially less expensive bulk mailing rate. With that now achieved, and with the paper continuing to almost pay for itself, we are finally positioned to experiment with a modest increase in our circulation figures.

Next month readers like you will be receiving a PLN subscription flyer that will be enclosed with the newsletter when it is delivered to you. We will be asking you to pass this leaflet on to any friends or relatives who might be interested in receiving this paper. Paul and I will have more to say on this for you in our next issue. For now I merely want to let you know (warn you, so to speak) what was coming. We will be asking you to help us expand our base of readers, both inside and out.

Lately we had a problem at a few prisons in terms of the paper not being delivered to readers. It appears the problem is not the result of prison officials, but rather one of the postal authorities treating bulk mail such as ours like junk mail and simply not delivering it to some places. We will be looking into this more carefully. In the mean time, if you are having problems receiving the PLN , just be patient and soon the matter will be solved.

Next, Paul asked me to give you a couple of citations that were not included in the last issue. First is the page one story on Jordan v. Gardner , the Ninth Circuit's reversal of a successful cross-gender pat search case, is 953 F.2d 1137 (9 Cir. 1992). Secondly, from an article on page nine, is Jackson v. County of McLean , 953 F.2d 1070 (7 Cir. 1991). Sometimes, in our zeal to get the very latest prison-related legal citations to you, we get information from slip opinions or other sources well before the opinion is published in a regular advance sheet. The Jordan and Jackson rulings were two such cases. In these relatively rare situations you should keep an eye on the respective advance sheet for the cited ruling. We cannot always take the time to provide you with the final citation for these types of cases.

Don't forget that the PLN benefit tape is now available directly from our Florida address. This is a 90-minute cassette tape of music produced by eleven bands around the world. They donated the music to help keep us going. Now we are selling the tapes in exchange for donations. All profits from the sales of the tape go to the newsletter. We have had to increase the amount of the minimum contribution, from five to seven dollars, in order to make anything from this project. So send at least seven bucks and we'll get this outstanding cassette tape of the latest in industrial and new wave sounds off in the mail to you.

I still need art work samples for the 1993 prisoners' calendar. If you are thinking about helping us out with this project, then get something in the nature of graphic artwork or photographs to me before too much longer. Whether there is a 1993 prisoners' calendar depends upon whether or not I get the samples of artwork I need from readers. The rest of the project is effectively done.

I think that will about do it for this month. Be sure to keep those financial contributions coming in, as that's the only way we can keep on doing this paper every month. Keep sending us your articles and artwork, too. In closing, let me share a nice little quote a friend of mine recently read somewhere. It goes something like this: It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.

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