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Guard Killed - MANCI Madness

By John Perotti

MANSFIELD, OHIO - On June 27, 1992, a black guard named Davis was beaten and stabbed. A white prisoner named Roy Slieber was picked up for the assault, beaten and shipped to the J1 SuperMax control unit in Lucasville, Ohio, within hours.

On June 28, 1992, Davis died of the stab wounds. Within hours the prison was locked down and the administration fabricated a story that the killing was a contract hit by the Aryan Brotherhood. Fellow prisoners Jay Hill, Redbone Hall, Mark Headley, Mullette, Jarrett, Ford, Moore and Trocadoro were picked up and shipped to the hole at Lucasville, first for allegedly being gang leaders, later changed to being involved in drug trafficking, extortion and assault for hire rings. These prisoners have been placed in isolation at Lucasville based on these bald allegations by MANCI warden David Baker.

What the MANCI administration isn't saying is that for the past six months black and white prisoners had filed grievances and kites against Davis complaining of his malicious harassment and disrespect for prisoners and saying that if something wasn't done the guard was bound to get hurt as a result of his own actions. Prisoncrats used the killing as an opportunity to transfer prisoners who are respected and well known and in one instance (Jay Hill) in retaliation for a class action lawsuit he and this writer have file against MANCI. Prisoncrats are covering up these grievances and kites so that Davis's widow can't file suit against the DOC.

MANCI has been locked down for three weeks now. Visiting was just re-opened this week. Goon squads from other prisons came and tore up prisoners cells and property is being confiscated in retaliation for the murder.

Prisoner Jarrett is turning states evidence against Roy Slieber and is being held in protective custody in the infirmary in Lucasville. We have retained counsel for Slieber, Mr. Lew Dye has been retained due to the anonymous generosity of a female prisoner who cares. A habeas corpus petition is being prepared for the transferred MANCI prisoners being used as scapegoats.

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