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In Memory - Reverends Ernest Bromley and Maurice McCrackin

On December 18, 1997, Reverend Ernest Bromley passed away. Less than two weeks later, on December 30, 1997, Bromley's partner, comrade, and Brother, Reverend Maurice McKrackin ("Rev Mac" to all) followed him. Both had a long painful fight with cancer.

Ernest and Mac also both had a long history of activism in the Civil Rights struggle. Both were ardent war resistors who refused to pay taxes destined for the military. During the Persian Gulf War, while both were well into their eighties, they climbed the White House fence and put red dye into the fountain to signify spilled blood. Through their years of resistance they were jailed numerous times, and always refused to cooperate by withholding their names, often fasting until released from jail.

Both were active and supportive of prisoners' rights. Reverend Mac, legally blind and in a wheelchair, daily attended our federal civil trial in Knecht v. Collins , 903 F.Supp. 1193 ( SD OH 1995) [ PLN Vol. 7, No. 2], offering words of encouragement and his presence to give us strength.

We won that trial. But we have all lost two men known in their community and by those in the struggle as "Saints on Earth". If there is a life beyond this one, Ernest and Mac will be side-by-side, carrying on the struggle for justice. I love you Brothers. Your spirit will live on forever. And I promise your legend will be told and retold.

-- John W. Perotti, OH

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