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From the Editor

Greetings and welcome to another issue of PLN . If you haven't seen, ordered, or read a copy of The Celling of America (TCOA), well... you don't know what you're missing. It took a while, but I finally got my copy. I let my cellie read it and he quite literally couldn't put it down. He ordered copies to send to family and friends. Then he loaned the book to a guy down the tier, who came back later also wanting order forms. The same thing is happening all over: the multiplier effect.

Common Courage Press only printed 3,000 copies, thinking that would be a year's supply. But because we at PLN have put so much work into promoting the book -- and because it does a great job of promoting itself once people have seen it -- it looks like the book will go into a second printing soon.

Our first "live" promotion was in January at Modern Times Books in San Francisco. I thank the many PLN readers and supporters in the Bay Area who attended. Daniel Burton-Rose did a live reading and Paul Wright "appeared" via speaker phone, hosting a question/answer session. The bookstore manager says that usually about 15-20 people show up for such events, and was astounded by the 50-60 people who literally jammed the place.

Since then Paul has appeared on several radio shows including a one-hour interview with Amy Goodman that aired on NPR's "Democracy Now" program. NPR stations in New York (WBAI) and Berkeley (KPFA) offered TCOA as a fund-raising premium to their listeners. In March, Daniel Burton-Rose made a several-city tour through the Upper Midwest (Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Detroit) and was received well. Numerous periodicals have (or soon will) reviewed TCOA, including The Nation . The reviews have been great.

So... just like with PLN itself, to the extent that we are able to get the word out and expose people to the book, it sells itself. And what really excites me about this whole thing is when prisoners come up to me and say: "Can you give me two more order forms for the book? I want my parents and a high school buddy to read it."

Well... that's why we wrote it! Not so the 2,500 or so PLN readers would buy/read it, but so we could ride the "multiplier effect" and get this material into the hands of "moms" and '"high school chums", etc. who are out there in The World, consuming the anti- prisoner-biased corporate TV and print media, and who are therefore clueless!

So, please do your part. Do you know folks who need to get a clue? Send them a copy of a TCOA order form (see the full-page ad in this issue) or just copy down the title, price, and ordering info and send it to them.

Do it today. America is clueless. We at PLN did our part -- we wrote the book. Now do your part and recommend it to people you know on "the outs".

Finally, I'd like to thank Peter Schmidt and the people at Punch & Jurist for inserting a copy of the PLN /TCOA order form in a recent issue. That resulted in a huge "multiplier" and it helped us put a copy of the book into the hands of a lot of fresh readers.

Enjoy this issue of PLN . Pass it along and encourage others to subscribe.

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