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Report on Indiana Control Unit Issued

The Coalition Against Indiana Control Units (CAICU) has issued it's report Human Rights Violations and Torture on the Rise at the Maximum Control Complex at Westville, IN: Profile of a Supermax . The report details and documents the conditions of confinement suffered by prisoners at the MCC in Westville. This is must reading for those involved in the struggle against control unit proliferation. It paints a grim and horrifying picture of prisoners shut in stark white steel cells for 165 out of 168 hours a week, not permitted visits their first 90 days in MCC after which they could receive one visit a month; mail is censored, daily newspapers have to be turned in within 24 hours to be destroyed, no library is available, cell temperatures average between 40 and 50 degrees F with no hot water for showers and prisoner's thermal underwear being "lost" <%-2>by officials. <%-3>Since it's opening MCC prisoners have suffered ailments <%-4>such as digestive problems, rashes and skin problems.<%0>

<%-3>The prisoners, most of whom are black and politically active, have constantly struggled against these conditions<%-2>. <%0>This includes hunger strikes, <%-1>litigation and such. Amnesty International has written letters of inquiry to the Indiana DOC con<%-2>cerning these conditions which have been ignored.<%0>

Prisoners continue to be beaten, sprayed with chemical agents, fire hosed, strapped to their beds for hours at a time and are otherwise physically and psychologically abused. The report contains numerous instances of abuse against individual prisoners citing dates, times and details of the incidents.

There is currently a community effort to help the prisoners against these ongoing atrocities. For a copy of the report, further information and how you can help contact: CAICU, P.O. Box 14075, Chicago, IL. 60614-0075. Or call Rev. Michael Yasutake at 708-328-1543.

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