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By Paul Wright

Jail Suicide Update is a quarterly newsletter published by the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives. While focusing primarily on suicide prevention in jails its information is useful for prison administrators seeking to prevent suicides in prison as well as attorneys litigating custodial suicides. The most recent issue had articles on the suicide prevention programs at the North Brunswick, NJ, jail and Marion County, OR, jail. The articles, written by jail staff, emphasize the need for proper policies and critical administrative reviews of policies and practices. Each issue also carries updates on court decisions affecting this issue. The NCIA also has other materials on jail suicide prevention available. For more information contact: Lindsay Hayes, Project Director, NCIA, 40 Lantern Lane, Mansfield, MA. 02048. (508) 337-8806.

Mothers Against Police Harassment Newsletter is a monthly newsletter published by this group, the MAPH. The MAPH is a grassroots Seattle community organization which is dedicated to combatting police abuse and harassment of citizens. They monitor complaints against police and distribute educational materials informing citizens of their rights when confronted by police. They also hold educational workshops for youth and immigrants. There many groups similar to MAPH across the US but this is the only one in Washington. For more information contact: MAPH. P.O. Box 22886, Seattle, WA. 98122. (206) 329-2033.

Letters From Exile is a collection of the writings of U.S. political Prisoner Of War Raymond Luc Levasseur from the maximum security lockdown prison at Marion, IL. The booklet is 72 pages long and produced by mimeograph. Powerfully written, they detail Ray's long struggle against imperialism and the corporate war machine, his burial inside the prison system because of his political beliefs, his views and analysis of current events like the Los Angeles Rebellion, the pardon of the Iran-Contra war criminals, control units and more. This helps expose the lie that there are no political prisoners in the United States. Copies are available for $3.00 for 1, $25.00 for 10 and $45.00 for 20. Write: Friends of Political Prisoners, P.O. Box 3113, Madison, WI. 53704.

Arm the Spirit Info Bulletin is a monthly newsletter which covers news and developments of various liberation struggles around the world. In any cases the sole source of this information in English. Recent issues have covered anti-fascist organizing in Canada and Germany, the Kurdish liberation struggle, a lot of news on the clandestine resistance in Germany and developments with the Red Army Faction, police attacks in Denmark and France and a lot more. They also cover struggle by political prisoners around the world, including the U.S., and anti-control unit efforts. Subscriptions are $12.00 a year, due to financial problems no free subs to prisoners. Write: ATS, P.O. Box 1242, Burlington, VT. 05402-1242.

Freedom Talk is the newsletter of the Freedom Now Network. The network consists of various organizations in the San Francisco Bay area who advocate for human and prisoner rights and the release of activists imprisoned as a result of political repression in the United States. Many of the groups represented are the defense committees for individual prisoners. Their first issue had an article about PLN co-editor, Ed Mead's release from prison after 18 years, so you know it can't be all bad! I will duly note that they confused PLN with Prison News Service , but aside from that it's an informative bulletin. Subscriptions are available for a donation. Write: FNN, 3543 18th St. Box 12, San Francisco, CA. 94110.

Samed: Palestinian Prison Voices is the monthly newsletter of the Mandela Institute for Political Prisoners. It provides detailed news and information about the status of political prisoners held by the Israeli government, including conditions of confinement, the widespread, systematic use of torture against the prisoners, struggle by the prisoners and more. The best source of information on this specific topic that I've seen to date. Subscriptions are available for a donation from: P.O. Box 19543, Jerusalem, via Israel.

F.E.A.R. Chronicles is the bi-monthly newsletter of the Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (FEAR). FEAR is a non profit group which actively opposes the property forfeiture laws passed by Congress and many states as part of the "War on Drugs". These laws permit the government to seize, without compensation, property alleged by the government to be used in a crime or bought with the proceeds of crime. In most cases criminal charges are never brought against the property owner and the government instead seizes the property and leaves it to the owner to contest the propriety of the seizure. FEAR has chapters in several states and is growing. Their newsletter focuses on legal developments, lobbying and other actions taken to change these laws. Contact: FEAR, P.O. Box 5424, Somerset, NJ. 08875-5424.

ROP Legal Journal is the newsletter of the National Lawyers Guild Prison Law project. Just getting started again after a long hiatus, the Journal has focused on issues of interest to prisoners starting out in litigation, such as using a law library, the writ of habeas corpus and such. Subscriptions are $7.50 a year to: Prison Law Project of the NLG, 558 Capp St. San Francisco, CA. 94104.

The Philippine Compass is a quarterly newsletter produced by US supporters of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People's Army. This is the best source of information about developments concerning the CPP and their struggle to overthrow the US client regime in the Philippines. Recent issues have had interviews with Jose Maria Sison, the CPP chairman, former political prisoners, women militants as well as ideological positions held by the party. Subscriptions are available for a donation, write: Philippine Compass, P.O. Box 21083, PACC, New York, NY. 10129.

Captive Voice is a quarterly magazine written by Irish Republican Prisoners of War held throughout Europe and the US, it is published by Sein Fein's POW department. Each issue contains articles on news, analysis and history, artwork, poetry, prison conditions and the struggle within and outside the prisons. The British government, like all the other imperialist powers, maintains that it holds no political prisoners. Captive Voice helps to dispel this myth by giving the prisoners themselves a voice and clearly articulating the Irish people's desire to an end to British occupation. Subscriptions cost $20.00 a year in the US from: An Glor Gafa, C/O INAC National Office, 4951 Broadway, New York, NY. 10034.

Prison News Service is a bi-monthly tabloid paper that is a great complement to PLN . This is one of the best prison papers around which covers not only prison news from around the world but also native American and other issues as well. PNS routinely covers political prisoner/prisoner of war issues in the US and other imperialist countries. This is highly recommended, if you read PLN you should read PNS as well. Subscriptions are free to prisoners, $10.00 a year to others. Write: PNS, P.O. Box 5052, Station A, Toronto, Ont. M5W 1W4, Canada

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