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From the Editor

PLN 's book, The Celling of America , (TCOA) continues to do well. The first print run of 3,000 copies was sold out by June, less than three months after its official release date of March 1, 1998. All publications that have reviewed TCOA so far have liked it. This includes The Nation, Washington Law and Politics, Z Magazine, The Stranger and quite a few others. The large corporate media have, predictably, ignored TCOA. Several college professors have assigned TCOA as a course book for their students. We're very pleased at the response the book has gotten since it is raising awareness around prison issues among people we probably wouldn't reach otherwise.

Speaking of good reviews, I recently had a chance to read the latest catalog from AK Press. It offers the biggest selection anywhere of radical and alternative books on prison issues that I've seen. Many are books that we've reviewed in PLN . They also offer an extensive selection of books on radical politics, armed struggle, cutting edge fiction, economics, sex, drugs and culture, plus political tapes, music and a lot more. It's the hottest catalog I've seen in a long time. While they don't offer a discount to prisoners they do take stamps as payment. Send them a dollar for their catalog at: Ak Press, P.O. Box 40682, San Francisco, CA 94140-0682. (415) 864-0892. www.

We recently sent letters to around 350 PLN subscribers in prisons where we have less than two subscribers, asking them to encourage folks to subscribe so we can build our circulation. Thanks to those of you who responded to our plea. Some responded with letters to the effect that the reason we don't have more readers at that facility is because the prisoners don't care about their human rights or improving their situation. While disheartening, the situation inside largely reflects the depoliticization outside. But things aren't likely to change if politicized prisoners just give up on efforts to educate others, inside and out, about human and civil rights struggle and the history of the movements to assert those rights.

We would like to receive more article submissions from women prisoners as well as increase our circulation among women prisoners. Women make up around seven percent of the total prison population in the U.S., but are frequently invisible despite, in many respects, having worse conditions of confinement than male prisoners do. We're looking for news stories on prison issues affecting women. If it's law related contact me, if it's a news story contact Dan. We would also like to develop staff writers among women prisoners. While we have subscribers in virtually all men's prisons in all 50 states we only have women prisoner subscribers in 25 states. We welcome any ideas or suggestions on changing this.

Next month will see a slight rate increase for institutional subscribers from $50 to $60 a year and for non prisoners from $20 to $25 per year. Prisoner subscriptions will remain the same for now at $15 a year. We will honor all subscriptions, renewals and extensions at the old rates until October 31, 1998 (See pg. 14). We would like to encourage readers to subscribe or renew their subscriptions for several years at a time. It ensures that you don't miss any issues and it also saves PLN valuable staff time and money by cutting down on the renewal notices we have to send you. We will give four free issues of PLN to anyone who extends, subscribes or renews their subscription for at least 2 years, prepaid. That's 28 issues for the price of 24. Please encourage others to subscribe and enjoy this issue of PLN.

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