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From the Editor

This is the first issue of PLN published from our new office location in Vermont. On March 16 a shipping truck arrived in Brattleboro with the bulk of our office on it. Thanks to volunteers Samual Schwartzkopf, Sam Phillips, Zach Phillips, Dan and Elizabeth and Sascha Bratton we were able to unload the entire truck in one day. As of this writing we are still in the process of unpacking and organizing the Brattleboro office so that all book and other sales will be shipped from here effective April 1. We have continued to process orders from a very downsized Seattle office during this transition. I would like to thank Christine, Danielle and Sam for the great jobs they did working for PLN and assisting in this transition and move.

After April 1 all mail sent to our Seattle address will be forwarded to Vermont. To avoid any delays please write to us directly in Vermont. The subscription insert cards in each issue will continue to use the Seattle address until they run out and we print new ones but readers should send them to the Vermont address listed in each issue of Prison Legal News for faster service.

For readers who are passing through Brattleboro, feel free to stop by our office and say hello.

Next month marks PLN’s 20th anniversary issue. It will be a special issue that will outline PLN’s history over the past twenty years. Feel free to send a donation to mark the event. As many readers probably know, most publications never publish ten issues. You are currently reading the 243rd consecutive issue of PLN. This is an impressive accomplishment not just for the prison media in particular but for the media in general with the demise of so many publications within the past few years. It is thanks to the support of our readers that we have lasted this long.

One of our goals for the coming year is to increase our subscriber base above the current 7,000 subscribers. If you are in prison and other prisoners borrow your copy of PLN to read, encourage them to subscribe. Encourage your facility library to subscribe as well. And please consider gift subscriptions to PLN as well. Remember that PLN’s website at has all back issues of PLN on it as well as thousands of pleadings, briefs, publications and tens of thousands of articles and court cases dealing with prisons and jails. We are the number one ranked website for prison and jail news content. Books and subscriptions can also be purchased online as well.

We continue to have censorship problems in different parts of the country. The Florida and Virginia DOC’s have subjected PLN to a blanket ban. Other states have censored books shipped by PLN claiming they violate prison or jail rules. If any copies of PLN or books ordered from PLN are censored, please notify us and send us the documentation you receive and file a grievance or appeal to the censorship. Most of the time PLN is not notified of the censorship and unless readers inform us we cannot take action to assert our rights to ensure delivery. We currently have litigation pending against the states of Virginia and Texas on censorship issues and we are attempting to resolve censorship issues in other states as well. Note that our last two issues have been late mailing due to a problem with our database; we hope to be back on our normal schedule shortly.

Enjoy this issue of PLN and please encourage others to subscribe.

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