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Articles by David Reutter

Florida Prisoner Exonerated by DNA After Serving 35 Years

by David M. Reutter

After 35 years of proclaiming his innocence for the kidnapping and rape of a 9-year-old boy, James Bain, 54, was finally proven innocent and released from a Florida prison on December 17, 2009.
Of the 246 prisoners nationwide exonerated by DNA evidence, Bain served the most ...

Sex for Contraband Racket Unravels After Kansas Prisoner Has Abortion

by David M. Reutter

Despite reports of rampant staff sexual abuse and harassment of women incarcerated at Kansas’ Topeka Correctional Facility (TCF), it was not until one prisoner had an abortion after being raped by a vocational instructor that the mainstream media took notice.

Between 2005 and 2008, the U.S. ...

Georgia Law Creates Homeless Sex Offender Colony

by David M. Reutter

Georgia’s sex offender residency restrictions have led some offenders to live in the woods because they have no legal place to stay. Reminiscent of leper colonies, they are forced to camp out on the fringes of society.

Under Georgia law, the state’s 16,000 sex offenders are ...

Faith-Based Substance Abuse Program Contracts May Violate Florida’s Constitution

by David M. Reutter

Contracts between the Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC) and faith-based substance abuse transitional housing programs may violate the “no-aid” provision of Florida’s Constitution. Because the issue required further factual development to make that determination, Florida’s First District Court of Appeal reversed the trial court’s final judgment ...

Political Uproar Follows NC Court Ruling that Life Sentence is 80 Years

by David M. Reutter

A political brouhaha arose in October 2009 in the wake of a North Carolina appellate court decision which held that a “life sentence is as an 80-year sentence for all purposes.” While the ruling applies only to defendants convicted of crimes between 1974 and 1978, Governor ...

Alternative Prisoner Phone Service Company Files Unsuccessful Suit

by David M. Reutter

A company that offers a lower-cost alternative to the monopolistic practices of the nation’s largest prison and jail telephone service providers filed a federal lawsuit alleging violation of the Federal Communications Act.

The suit was filed by Millicorp, a Florida-based company that offers alternative phone services ...

Appalling Prison and Jail Food Leaves Prisoners Hungry for Justice

by David M. Reutter, Gary Hunter & Brandon Sample

Prison food. The very words conjure images of unidentifiable mystery meat, chili-mac, watery oatmeal and creamed chipped beef – the latter being commonly, though not very appetizingly, known as “shit on a shingle” in jailhouse parlance.

Before someone goes to prison ...

Food Problems Contribute to Riot at Kentucky Prison

by David M. Reutter

A major riot at Kentucky’s Northpoint Training Center on August 21, 2009 resulted in 16 injuries and the destruction of several buildings critical to the prison’s operation. The riot was the second serious incident at the facility in as many years, and both involved food-related issues. ...

Parole Denials Based Upon Assumptions; Tough Policies Threaten Public Safety at Great Cost

by David M. Reutter

“Inaccurate assumptions about the impact of longer prison stays on reoffense rates generally, and about the future behavior of people who committed assaultive and sex offenses in particular, have led us to routinely continue the incarceration of thousands of parole-eligible prisoners who would not have returned ...

Retired New York Supreme Court Justice Sentenced to Prison for Sex Trafficking

by David M. Reutter

Retired New York Supreme Court Justice Ronald H. Tills, 74, has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for a felony charge of transporting prostitutes across state lines (a violation of the Mann Act). He began serving his sentence on October 1, 2009.

Tills’ long ...