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Articles by Michael Rigby

Wackenhut Changes Name to Geo Group, Politics Remain the Same

The old maxim, the more things change, the more they stay the same," could have been tailored to Wackenhut these days. Although Wackenhut Corrections has spun off from its parent company, Wackenhut Corporation, there's no indication that the political involvement which brought it this far will change anytime soon.

Wackenhut ...

Jury Awards Maryland Prison Guard $1.6 Million for Discrimination

In July 2003, a federal jury in Maryland awarded a former prison guard $1.6 million for the discrimination and hostile work environment he endured while on the job at a Maryland prison.

Mathen Chacko, a native of India, alleged in the lawsuit that for 20 years while employed as a ...

Another Troubled North Carolina Jail

Prisoner suicides, mistaken releases, jailers indicted for selling drugs and dispensing sex, prisoners caught with drugsall occurred at the Cumberland County Detention Center, a $36 million North Carolina jail, in the seven months following its February 2003 opening.

On March 23, 2003, shortly after 1 a.m., Army Sgt. William Clark ...

New Jersey Prisoners May Confront Accusers in Disciplinary Hearings

In response to a ruling by the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, the New Jersey Department of Corrections has announced that they will afford prisoners the opportunity to question their accusers in person during disciplinary hearings, regardless of whether the accusers are other prisoners or guards.

The catalyst ...

DOJ Investigation: Conditions in Arkansas Prisons Unconstitutional

Conditions at the McPherson and Grimes Correctional Units in Newport, Arkansas are unconstitutional, the U.S. Department of Justice concluded after an 18-month investigation. According to the investigation report, dated November 25, 2003, investigators found that prisoners at both units experienced deliberate indifference to their serious medical needs, were not adequately ...

Thirty Years in Segregation May State Claim

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit upheld the denial of prison authorities' motion to dismiss based on qualified immunity because no proper determination was made as to whether prisoners' over 30 years of confinement in extended lockdown created a liberty interest.

Plaintiffs, Louisiana state prisoners Robert ...

BOP, FBI Investigations in Texas, Oregon, Arizona, and California Federal Prisons

BOP, FBI Investigations in Texas, Oregon, Arizona,
and California Federal Prisons

by Michael Rigby

Murder, riots, drug overdoses, and allegations of official corruption have prompted the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and the FBI to launch investigations at federal prisons in Texas, Oregon, Arizona, and California.

In Texas, the FBI is ...

Canadian Prisoner Dies After Drinking Drug-Laced Vomit, Others Charged

Canadian Prisoner Dies After Drinking
Drug-Laced Vomit, Others Charged

by Michael Rigby

Prisoners at the Pine Grove Correctional Centre in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (Canada) have been drinking each other's drug-laced vomit in order to get high. One woman has died as a result of this gut-wrenching practice, and three others ...

CCA Closes Oklahoma Prison, Settles Tax Lawsuit Over Ohio Prison

The turbulent economy of the past decade has led many communities across America to foolishly seek prisons as a recession proof industry and rural welfare program for poor whites. But prisons can be a double edged sword, sometimes causing more problems than they solve. Private prisons can be especially duplicitous. ...

CCA Packs Positions With High-Profile Politicians

CCA Packs Positions With
High-Profile Politicians

by Michael Rigby

In an ongoing effort to make up for
what it lacks in prison management skills, Corrections Corporation of America continues to place high profile politicians with inside knowledge of state and federal prison systems in top positions within the company, sometimes ...