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Articles by Paul Wright


By Paul Wright


This is a 40-page English language publication put out by the European Autonomous movement. This first issue has a long article on the hunger-strike by GRAPO prisoners in Spain, persecution and history of the Kurdish Workers Party in West Germany and their ongoing struggle in Turkey, ...

Lines in the Sand

By Paul A. Wright

As we go to press several hundred thousand American soldiers are waiting in the desert of Saudi Arabia. I expect that before too long they will be attacking Iraq or Iraqi troops in Kuwait.

It cannot be said that U.S. troops are there to defend "democracy," ...

From the Editor

By Paul Wright

Welcome to PLN #6. When we started this publishing project we didn't know how far we'd get. We decided to see how much support our efforts would generate. Issue #4 paid for itself, and #3 almost did, so it looks like we'll shoot for a full 12 ...

Prison Resources

As you read through PLN you'll notice that few if any of our articles are reprints from other publications. We think it's better to be original than to duplicate the efforts of others and we have only 10 pages to get our message out. Whenever possible we try to let ...

Pro-Lifers for Death

Pro-Lifers For Death

By Paul A. Wright

The TV news lately has been full of governors, legislators, elected officials and citizens who proclaim themselves to be "pro-life" and thus, anti-abortion. The last year has seen attempts by Gov. Martinez in Florida to make abortion impossible to obtain for young and ...

Highway Robbery

By Paul Wright

On April 18, 1990, Chase Riveland, Secretary of the DOC, signed DOC Policy 270.070 "Legal Financial Obligations (LFO) Program in Prisons. Effective immediately.

The main purpose of this policy is so that the counties, via the DOC, can collect fines, restitution, court costs, etc., imposed by the ...

Storm Warning

By Paul Wright

This is a bi-monthly magazine put out by the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (anti-imperialist). There are a disproportionate number of veterans in the gulags in this country, as most prisoners have noticed by now. Storm Warning (SW) is free to prisoners; the editors did time in ...

Prisoners in Struggle

By: Paul Wright

We have recently received information about the following prisoners in West Germany the US and England who are being persecuted because of their political beliefs. To help, I have a packet of pre-typed letters addressed to the authorities responsible for the treatment of each ...

Struggle in Ohio

Struggle In Ohio

By Paul Wright

There have been 5 prisoners and one staff member (schoolteacher) killed at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio since 1990 rolled in. Governor Celeste ordered an investigation into all aspects of SOCF operations by the State Highway Patrol. The mainstream media only ...

Clallam Bay Disturbance Update

Paul Wright

As reported in the last issue of the PLN, there were 32 prisoners shipped from Clallam Bay to the Intensive Management Unit (IMU) at Shelton. The mainstream media reported that prison officials had told them there was a "brawl" between one prisoner and four guards lasting 45 minutes. ...