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From The Editor

By Paul Wright

Welcome to another issue of PLN. Next month will mark one full year of publishing PLN. This is our twelfth issue. We started out planning to make it a four to six issue project to see what kind of a response we got. We started out with just Ed and myself and one person on the streets to take care of the printing and mailing of PLN. We ran into a problem when Mote, the outside person, objected to an article by Ed and refused to print that issue.

We were able to find someone else to print and mail PLN. It was still basically three people putting PLN together and mailing it. Since then we have slowly grown. We have a steady core of volunteers who are able to put PLN together each month, staple it and get it into the mail. We started out hand typing PLN on our respective typewriters, we are now desktop published. Ed and I would like to take this opportunity of our first anniversary to thank everyone that has helped make PLN, not only possible, but better and improved as we go on. We also want to thank everyone that has contributed financially or submitted articles, artwork, etc.

From our first issue PLN has been printed and sent to readers in some 20 other countries. We wouldn't be able to do this ourselves due to high postage costs. ABC Toronto and ABC Oxford have generously donated their time and money to print and distribute PLN to our overseas readers. We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for these contributions by ABC Oxford and Toronto.

In the past year PLN has had it's ups and downs. We've been censored at one time or another at: WSR, WSP, CBCC and WCC in Washington state and by the Texas Department of Corrections. It is interesting to note that PLN readers languishing in Turkish prisons, under a military dictatorship, get PLN with no problems or hassles while PLN is censored in the "free" state of Washington.

At one point or another both Ed and myself have been infracted by our captors for articles in PLN, which goes to show everyone has a right to freedom of speech as long as it isn't exercised. Despite these crude tactics by our captors we have continued to publish PLN.

If this issue, or any future issues of PLN, has "Final Issue" written on the mailing label this means that you have been receiving PLN for a while and have not donated either stamps or money to help offset our costs. Which means that unless you donate whatever you can afford, or hopefully, what you think PLN is worth, you will be dropped from the mailing list. We don't have any corporate or government backers, our "overhead" is minimal, we rely entirely on volunteers to make PLN possible, our main costs are printing and postage and both have increased since we started. We understand that prisoners in control units, Marion, death row and some of the Southern states have little or no opportunity to earn funds to make a donation, but because we're in prison ourselves we also know that prisoners in population can come up with a few stamps to donate to help cover our costs. Please tell your friends, family and other prisoners about PLN and share each issue with others, the more readers we have the more awareness we create.

Lastly, we want to hear what you think of PLN. If you like what we're doing, let us know so we'll keep on doing it; if you don't like it, let us know so we can drop it. We want feedback and suggestions to be better able to serve your needs, so don't be shy, write us!

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