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More Federal Money for Prisons

More Federal Money For Prisons

While critics of the Bush Administration have been arguing that the war on drugs has become a "nonwar" since Operation Desert Storm began, the U.S. Justice Department says the fight to free the nation of the scourge of narcotics remains a top Administration priority.

Narcotics programs are the primary focus of DOJ's Office of Justice Programs (OJP) plan for the current fiscal year. In its program guide for discretionary funds (a total of approximately $119 million) OJP states: "The number one domestic problem facing our nation today is illegal drug trafficking and use."

"It is an insidious and unlawful activity that permeates many aspects of our society, damaging our health, our economy, our domestic security and most importantly, blighting the promise of our children and this nation," OJP states in the announcement of funding availability.

The answer to this problem is intervention that is focused, coordinated and aggressive, as well as punishment of both drug Traffickers and users that is swift, certain and appropriate. Drug users must be held accountable.

A key part of the Administration's anti-crime program is incarceration. "We're committed to incapacitating felons," the announcement stated. Our prison population in 1981 was about 25,000; today it is about 65,000; by 1995 it will be approximately 100,000.

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