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Shelton Changes

I am a 25-year-old inmate serving time in Washington State Correction Center at Shelton. Since my incarceration here at Shelton I have watched expensive reconstruction projects occurring rapidly, such as Birch and Spruce Halls turned into more R-units, more fencing and razor wire, as well as stadium lights that are bright enough to light Candle Stick Park on the darkest evening. They actually had to use a helicopter at taxpayers' expense to install these lights, a total of about 35 to 40 of them. There is talk among the teachers and inmate students that the education building's days are numbered. This would mean no education, no chaplaincy and another of several disjointed arrays of the superintendent's pet prison industry endeavors. There is also talk that Pine Hall will become S.O.C. housing the most seriously disturbed and dangerous felons in this state. This should frighten the tax paying citizens in Shelton to death. There are other things I have made no mention of at this time in fear for my safety as a prisoner. But to make it short this is becoming a maximum-security facility quickly. I urge the people of this state to question Mr. Peterson, Secretary Chase Riveland your legislators, and the governor. I urge you to hold them accountable.

D.F. Shelton C

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