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Prison Legal News: August, 1990

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Volume 1, Number 4

In this issue:

  1. HR-4079: A National Crime Emergency? (p 1)
  2. Editorial Comments (p 2)
  3. Storm Warning (p 2)
  4. Repeal "Point 100" Statute (p 3)
  5. Of Bannings and Unbannings: Why Do They Do It? (p 4)
  6. Prisoners in Struggle (p 5)
  7. Struggle in Ohio (p 6)
  8. GRAPO Prisoner Dies (p 6)
  9. Where Now for the Sex Offender? (p 7)
  10. In Defense of the Struggle Against Sexism (p 8)
  11. Letters From Readers (p 9)

HR-4079: A National Crime Emergency?

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it does. Supreme Court Justice William Brennan, Jr., resigned his seat, leaving President Bush to name an even more reactionary successor. Not only will the pro-choice Roe v. Wade ruling fall by the wayside, making life for women increasingly difficult, but ...

Editorial Comments

The sharp-eyed reader will have noticed our new return address for the newsletter. This is the 3rd new address in 4 issues, and it isn't even in Washington State. Paul's dad in Florida has agreed to be our outside publisher until such a time as we are able to build ...

Storm Warning

By Paul Wright

This is a bi-monthly magazine put out by the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (anti-imperialist). There are a disproportionate number of veterans in the gulags in this country, as most prisoners have noticed by now. Storm Warning (SW) is free to prisoners; the editors did time in ...

Repeal "Point 100" Statute

By Dan Pens

All pre-SRA prisoners must jump through an invisible hoop before they can be paroled. Sound like something out of Alice in Wonderland? Well, it's the law.

RCW 9.95.100 ("point 100") is a 1939 statute that has remained unchanged since 1955. Kit Bail is quoted in a recent ...

Of Bannings and Unbannings: Why Do They Do It?

Of Bannings and Unbannings: Why do they do it?

By Ed Mead

As many of you know issue #2 of the PLN was banned from both the Penitentiary and the Reformatory. We immediately drafted a comprehensive civil rights complaint challenging the censorship, but just days before the suit was to ...

Prisoners in Struggle

By: Paul Wright

We have recently received information about the following prisoners in West Germany the US and England who are being persecuted because of their political beliefs. To help, I have a packet of pre-typed letters addressed to the authorities responsible for the treatment of each ...

Struggle in Ohio

Struggle In Ohio

By Paul Wright

There have been 5 prisoners and one staff member (schoolteacher) killed at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio since 1990 rolled in. Governor Celeste ordered an investigation into all aspects of SOCF operations by the State Highway Patrol. The mainstream media only ...

GRAPO Prisoner Dies

In Issue #1 of PLN we reported the hunger strike by GRAPO (Anti-Fascist Resistance Groups, First of October) in Spain who seek to end the governments policy of placing them in control units, dispersing them in different prisons, beating them, censoring their mail, prohibiting visits, etc.

The strike started on ...

Where Now for the Sex Offender?

This is the third and final part of our series on sex offenders. The first two installements ("Them Today, Us Tomorrow" and "We Are All Prisoners") were critical of non-sex offenders for discriminating against people on the basis of offense. In today's article we will put the shoe on the ...

In Defense of the Struggle Against Sexism

In Defense Of The Struggle Against Sexism

With this issue of the PLN I conclude my three part series on sex offenders. And while I am writing this before the first installment of the series has been mailed out to readers, I am sufficiently confident of the adverse response by ...

Letters From Readers

From Germany

Thanks a lot for the prisoners Legal News. I was impressed. From my (own experience in) making flyers I can imagine how much work you put into these important pages, even if you collect articles. "The Terry" by D.P. fit exactly in a discussion we had in Kassel. ...