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CBCC IMU Hungerstrike

Did you happened to hear about the 2-1/2 day hungerstrike? They brought 10 of us here from WSP (Walla Walla) IMU to supply bodies to justify opening an IMU at CBCC. We got here and F unit isn't even prepared to accept IMU prisoners. 8 out of the 10 brought from WSP were on the highest possible levels in WSP IMU. We had TVs, could order store, be tier porters, etc. We arrive here and for the first two weeks were allowed nothing except legal work and some of us didn't get that. No hot water, no outside yard, no legal library policy, no library policy, no school programs except GED, store list with nothing but candy on it. We aren't allowed any of the property we had at WSP IMU like our store, cosmetics, etc. It took me 7 days to get a notary, cell searches twice a day, and so on. So we went on a hungerstrike protesting the isolation status they had on us and the lousy conditions. CUS Leahy was given 20 pages of complaints and solutions. After two days people started getting weak and the strike fizzled out, but we got a point across and on Dec. 4, 1991, CUS Leahy issued a two page statement addressing our concerns. Things have improved a bit and he's working on others.

In a 45 minute meeting he (CUS Leahy) said that the population doesn't have any school programs other than some computer and video classes.

Why in hell doesn't population request better education opportunities from DOC? It's damn hard for us in IMU to complain about something that population doesn't have.

M.H., Clallam Bay, WA

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