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Plea for Help

Plea For Help

Demba Diop is a Mauritanian expatriate confined at the Rheinbach prison in Germany on fabricated charges. Demba is the only black prisoner of the 500 prisoners at Rheinbach. Demba has been an active participant of the FLAM (Forces de Liberation Africaine de Mauritanie) since the early 1970s and is identified as such by the Mauritanian government which rules under Islamic law.

Amnesty International has documented thousands of cases of political imprisonment, torture, murder and unfair trials of FLAM members by the Mauritanian government. (See: "Mauritania 1986-1989: Background to a Crisis of Three Years of Political Imprisonment, Torture and Unfair Trials" by Amnesty International, 1989.)Despite an appeal from Amnesty International and other human rights groups, the Mauritanian government continues these practices.

Prison officials in Germany have injected the AIDS virus into Demba after treatment for a thrombosis of his leg. He is now testing HIV positive and they refuse to provide him with any medication to bring the disease into remission. They are also attempting to deport him back to Mauritania where he faces execution by the Mauritanian government.

Demba does have two court appointed lawyers, listed below. We ask that you actively help Demba seek political asylum in France or the Ivory Coast. Demba is due to be released in April of 1992. Time is running out. If political asylum is not obtained by the[n], he will be deported to Mauritania and executed. Demba has fought for the abolition of slavery and oppression and needs our assistance. We urge you to call or write Demba's attorneys and offer assistance if you are able to. Any of you with contacts overseas please utilize them to obtain political asylum for Demba. We also ask that he receive medication and treatment for his illness.

Letters of concern can be sent to Demba and letters should also be sent to Amnesty International asking for their intervention. Address: Demba Diop, Aachenerstr 47, 5308 Rheinback, Germany. Amnesty International, International Secretariat, 1 Eastern St., London, WCIX 8DJ, England. Attorneys: Geert Oetken, Hohenzeller W611, 5000 Koln 7, Germany, tele: 0227/287-737-432 or 0227/228-695-262; Hans Meir, H. Brete Str. 33, 5300 Bonn, Germany, tele: 0225/65977 or 12 or 13.

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