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USA A LOOK AT REALITY is a quarterly human rights tabloid newspaper. Previous issues have examined the racism in use of the death penalty and brutality in the American gulag. The latest issue examines events at Attica and its prison legacy today, 20 years later. It has a chronology of prison rebellions in the past two or three years, including Southport, NY, Trenton, NT, Hagerstown, MD, and others. Each issue covers areas of interest to those involved in the struggle for human rights in the criminal injustice system in the U.S. For subscription information write: Quixote Center, P.O. Box 5206, Hyattsville, MD 20782.

WALKIN' STEEL is the newsletter of the Committee to End the Marion Lockdown. In 1983 the federal penitentiary at Marion, IL was locked down and turned into a big control unit. Since then, some 35 states have opened control units modeled on Marion. The CEML is starting a campaign to halt construction of a new control unit prison in Florence, CO, that will replace Marion. This issue has updates on that campaign, information on control units in various states, and articles on Attica. Each issue lists a variety of resources they have available, such as videotapes, speakers, etc. For subscription information write to: CEML, P.O. Box 578172, Chicago, IL 60657-8172.

OUT OF TIME is the newsletter of Out of Control, the Lesbian Committee to Support Women Political Prisoners. Each issue covers events of interest to women prisoners and affecting women political prisoners as well. The latest issue has articles on women prisoners confronting AIDS, poetry readings and other events. For more information write: OOC, 3543 18th St., Box 30, San Francisco, CA 94110.

CONVICTION is the newsletters of a British prisoner support group and is published quarterly. The latest issue has articles on the cases of various unjustly convicted prisoners, and an article on domestic violence. For more information write to: Conviction, P.O. Box 522, Sheffield, S1 3FF, England.

TAKING LIBERTIES is the quarterly newsletter of the Northern Anarchist Black Cross in England. The latest issue has articles on the case of Martin Foran, updates on the situation of prisoners who rioted in last year's English prison riots, updates on the poll tax prisoners, the Tottenham 3 prisoners and more. For more information write to: Taking Liberties, P.O. Box 446, Sheffield, South Yorks, England.

PRISON NEWS SERVICE is a bi-monthly tabloid newspaper that includes "The Marionette." This is one of the best regularly published prison newsletters in North America and I highly recommend it. Each issue is packed with news, information and analysis dealing with prison, prison struggle, Native American struggles and more. It regularly covers the situation of political prisoners in the U.S. and elsewhere and repression directed against them and politicized social prisoners. The latest issue has articles on Attica, racism in the Manitoba criminal justice system, the campaign against control units, struggle in NewJersey prisons, linking anti-racist and lesbian/gay struggles, and a section dealing with events at the penitentiary at Marion. For more information write to: PNS, P.O. Box 5052, Sta. A, Toronto, Ont., Canada M5W 1W4

NO KKK - NO FASCIST USA is the quarterly journal of the John Brown anti-Klan committee. It deals with the issue of racism and fighting against neo-Nazis and organizing against racist gangs. Very thought provoking. For more information write to: JBAKC, 220 9th St., No. 443, San Francisco, CA 94103.

BAYOU LA ROSE is a quarterly tabloid newsletter that covers environmental, prison, native and work place struggles from an anarcho syndicaIist perspective. Each issue lists dozens of other related publications and contacts (including PLN). Their next issue will be their "resource issue." Recent issues have covered Leonard Peltier's battle for a new trial, work place organizing, etc. For information write to: Bayou La Rose, 302 N. "J", Apt. J, Tacoma, WA 98403.

ARM THE SPIRIT is an autonomous newsletter that covers struggle and resistance in the western imperialist countries. Recent issues have had articles and communiqués on resistance to the gulf war, attacks by the RAF and other urban guerrilla groups and also on repression against political prisoners in various countries, to include the U.S. One of the few sources for this type of information in English. Contact: ATS, P.O. Box 57584, Jackson Station, Hamilton, Ont., Canada L8P 4X3.

ANTIGONE is the quarterly newsletter of the National Committee on U.S. Corrections. It is a 5 page newsletter similar in format to PLN. It generally focuses on the prison situation in Michigan. They also publish a series of booklets that discuss various legal topics such as due process, the right to receive publications, etc. Subscription rates are $3.00 for prisoners, $7.00 for free people. Write: Antigone, P.O. Box. 308, Farmington, MI 48332.

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