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Letter from China

Letter From China

Thank you for the Prisoners Legal News. It is not only a source of some news from the prisons in the U.S.A., but also a window through which I can see the prisoners' live in other countries. I enjoyed it very much.

Prisoners' life in China is very bad; their living condition is terrible compared with the condition in the U.S.A. Several prisoners crowd in a small, unclean cell. No good food to eat, sometime even not enough food to eat, no entertainments, working all day long. No good medicine and other daily necessities.

But their are some advantages to those prisoners. For example, before they got incarcerated, the government will declare how long they will stay in prison, even tell them the date they get free. If they behave themselves very good in jail they can go home earlier. In China there are not too many prisons, the crime rate is dropping down in recent years. Political prisoners usually stay less longer compared with violent criminals. The only political lifer I know is Mao's former wife, who committed suicide last May.

I read the PLN and found several articles that are wonderful. Some points of view in it is fresh to me, the analysis is very reasonable. The letter from Germany [November, 1991] is marvelous, in my opinion. You should organize a "World Prisoners Association," exchange your points of view, experiences, and defend legal rights. Let's quote one sentence to end this letter: Solidarity and sincerity are your weapons against forces of evil and death. Power, love, and solidarity. Please remember, unity is power.

Cao Qui Li, Yanan, China

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