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Peru Political Materials

Since 1980 the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) has led a people's war against the US backed government in that country. Despite the capture of the party's chairman in 1992 the war has continued as the party recovered from the setbacks it suffered that year. PLN has reported on the struggles by PCP prisoners of war and their heroic resistance in past issues. Subjected to a virtual news blackout on the one hand and a propaganda disinformation by the Peruvian and US government on the other, people can now read about the PCP in its own words. Over the past few years an effort has been made to translate the bulk of the PCP's most important political works into English so people can read what the PCP has to say and make up their own minds. The first of those materials are now available.

An Introduction to the People's War in Peru is a 50 page booklet that explains the PCP's origins, the political situation in Peru and the elements of the PCP's program and goals. This is a valuable starting point for those interested in learning more about the PCP and Peru.

On the Construction of the Party is a 17 page booklet that lays out the necessity and goals of having a communist party in order to seize state power. Originally published by the PCP's central committee in 1976 it is available in English for the first time.

For the New Flag is a 40 page booklet that explains the PCP's goals and its origins and role as the revolutionary vanguard in Peru. Its lessons are instructive to those seeking revolutionary change anywhere in the world. Originally published by the PCP's central committee in 1981 it is available in English for the first time.

A series of other major PCP documents from the late 1980's and l990's explaining their political and military lines, response to the government counter-insurgency strategy and much, much more are scheduled to be published in 1996. This is the first time these materials have been available in English. The above booklets are available for only $3 each, postpaid, ($1 each for prisoners, stamps are accepted from prisoners) from: New Flag Editions, P.O. Box 12, Valley Falls, RI 02864. Write them to be notified of new publications as they become available.

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