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Khalfani Trial Due to Begin

Leonard McQuay, also known as Khalfani X. Khaldun, was due to be released in 1997 from the Indiana prison system. But on December 13, 1994, Khalfani was transferred to the Maximum Control Complex in Westville, under investigation for it allegedly stabbing a prison guard at Indiana State Prison. [See: 'IN Prisoner and Guard Executed," April '95 PLN]. This stabbing occurred after prison authorities released half of a cell house out for the evening meal. About two hundred people were out at the time -- anyone could have done the stabbing, including other officers -- but due to previous problems with prison authorities, Khalfani was the only person singled out for the stabbing. He became the scapegoat.

As a teenager Khalfani became involved in gang and drug life on the streets of Gary, Indiana. He was incarcerated in 1987 when he was still a teen. Since his incarceration, he has grown to face the mistakes of his life on the streets and has worked to educate other youth, on both sides of the prison walls, to avoid those mistakes in their lives. Khalfani has become an organizer inside the Indiana prison system, holding study classes on history for other prisoners that promote the human rights of all people. Khalfani has taken a courageous stand against the racism and brutality of the prison system. As a consequence, he has been targeted for harassment by prison officials.

Khalfani was charged on January 31, 1995 for a murder which he never committed. His trial is scheduled to begin July 8, 1996. In recent months a lot of evidence has surfaced to exonerate Khalfani which is reason to dismiss the case immediately. To prevent a miscarriage of justice, let us voice our support for Khalfani X. Khaldun. In particular, we demand that: all sworn affidavits be reviewed at once; all-alibi witnesses for the defense be heard; the prisoners who made statements against Khalfani expose the prison officials who forced them to make these statements; outside networks help us in exposing this case as one of political content deserving support on a national scale; and that this case be dismissed for lack of consistent evidence, no eye witnesses, no weapon linked to Khalfani, and no reliable testimony against Khalfani.

[Editor's Note: The authors of the above article can be contacted by writing: Leonard McQuay/Khalfani X. Khaldun Defense Committee, P.O. Box 1513, Gary, IN 46402.]

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