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Enemies of the State: A Frank Discussion of Past Political Movements, Victories and Errors and the Current Political Climate for Revolutionary Struggle Within the USA

By RNB with Marilyn Buck
David Gilbert and Laura
Whitehorn, 84 pages

Review by Paul Wright

The United States government steadfastly denied holding any political prisoners. In reality, it holds over 100 leftist political prisoners imprisoned because of their anti-imperialist activities and beliefs. This booklet contains interviews with three of these prisoners of war. David Gilbert was a founding member of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and Weather Underground Organization (WUO). Marilyn Buck was a member of the Black Liberation Army (BLA) and Laura Whitehorn (PLNs former columnist, now out of prison), was also a WUO member. All three were convicted and imprisoned for politically motivated crimes against the US government.

These detailed interviews allow each of these long time activists to discuss issues of armed struggle, their development and growth as political activists, and criticism and self criticism of the errors that were made in developing and building a resistance movement in the US. Candid and thoughtful, these interviews provide a crucial and frequently hidden history of political resistance in America.

Labeled as terrorists by the US government, the booklet humanized the interviewees and allows them to explain and express themselves as to why they saw armed action as a legitimate and necessary response to the genocidal policies of the US government in South East Asia and the racism and police repression at home in the US.

Anyone interested in political prisoners in the US, modern American history and armed struggle in the US will find this booklet interesting and informative. The prisoners also discuss prison issues, struggle and organizing once they are in prison. Copies of the booklet are $6.00 each. Order from: Resistance in Brooklyn, 309 Park Place, NY 11238.

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