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Articles by John Perotti

MANCI: The Aftermath

By John Perotti

In June, 1992, MANCI guard Thomas Davis was stabbed in the back shoulder. Prisoner Roy Slider was accused of the stabbing. Davis died at a Mansfield hospital the next day. This began a series of retaliatory transfers and total lockdown of the prison for one month and ...

Perotti Needs Help

John Perotti, Mansfield, OH

On August 7, 1992, MANCI prisoncrats Bill Rachael (unit manager), Terry Knight (SHP Investigator), Mr. Fleming (SHP) and Capt. Jackson and Sgt. Harrell called a prisoner named Jerome Evans to their office and made a deal that if he set me up they would get him ...

Guard Killed - MANCI Madness

By John Perotti

MANSFIELD, OHIO - On June 27, 1992, a black guard named Davis was beaten and stabbed. A white prisoner named Roy Slieber was picked up for the assault, beaten and shipped to the J1 SuperMax control unit in Lucasville, Ohio, within hours.

On June 28, 1992, Davis ...

Just Us - Ohio Style

By John Perotti

Three days before former Ohio Governor Dick Celeste left office he commuted the death sentences of Donald Maur, Leonard Jenkins, Willie Jester, Crazy Horse Seiber, Debra Brown, Rose Grant and Elizabeth Green to life in prison. Celeste also commuted the prison sentences of Saram Bellinger and Ralph ...

Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission Update

By John Perotti

There have been a lot of rumors of abolishing the parole board in Ohio. Here are the facts in relation to this rumor. In 1990 former Governor D. Celeste created the Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission to study Ohio's sentencing scheme and to issue recommendations for changes to ...

In Memory-Farewell Brother Riegle

By John Perrotti

On January 10, 1992, our bother Mike Riegle succumbed to his 2-year struggle with the AIDS virus. Mike was a strong supporter of the prisoner and gay rights struggle, and for more than ten years put out the outstanding prison page section of the national Gay Community ...

Justice for Jimmy Haynes?

Justice For Jimmy Haynes?? ?

By John Perotti

On February 9, 1984, Jimmy Haynes, a black prisoner, was beaten and then murdered by 12 white guards at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility (SOCF) al Lucasville, Ohio. The cause of death was a crushed windpipe after one guard held a PR-24 ...

John Perroti on Hungerstrike

John Perroti On Hungerstrike

John Perroti and his partner, Linda Leisure, have been on a hunger strike since February 14, 1991. Perroti has been held on a one-man isolation tier supposedly only until MANCI's AC unit opened. His visits have been restricted to one hour noncontact visit in full restraints ...

Beating in the MANCI Control Unit

Beating In The MANCI Control Unit

By John Perroti

MANSFIELD, OHIO - On February 8, 1991, in the super-max administrative control unit (AC-Isolation) at the Mansfield Correctional Institution (MANCI) high tech prison, designed after the U.S. Penitentiary at Marion, II, 35 guards and high ranking prison officials opened six prisoners ...

The Price of Resistance - Is It Worth It?

By John Perotti

A comrade and brother, Ed Mead, recently wrote his opinion and analysis of the definition of POW and the continuing controversy of "Freedom Now." In it he raised the issue of how political prisoners traditionally do their time - either: a.) quietly doing it with the objective ...