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Article Clarification Revisited

by R.K., McNeil Island, WA

In response to J.D., Lompoc CA, "Article Clarification" Vol. 3 #12, December 1992:

I understand J.D. being pissed off about 80% of the population not taking part in the strike. But when I think back to all the strikes I took part in since the '60s, I was in Lompoc then F.C.I., at the best of times 40% would be involved in a strike, and I took part in all of them. Even so convicts brought about change in the prison system. The trend towards more or total control of prisoners has made change all the more difficult to achieve by prisoners. The new breed of wannabes that J.D. made reference to has created a more serious problem that probably has no cure. They have no idea of convict values. So what do us convicts who give a shit about our rights do. We do whatever we can even if it's only 20% of us. The times they are a changing and we have to make adjustments to the changes. There is more than one way to skin a cat. We are already using some of them with litigation in the courts, pressure on legislatures, more outside involvement, there has to be more all of this plus the tactics used in the past. I would like to say to J.D., brother there are still those of us who care and never quit till we have justice. Don't get discouraged, don't give up the fight for right. Just like you I am living in a wannabe joint.

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